As the novel form of coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) becomes more of a widespread concern and local governments continue to recommend or mandate restrictions on person-to-person interactions, business operations, and home isolation, we want to share important information with you about our operations.   During this unprecedented time in all of our lives it is difficult to focus on anything but our immediate family and their well being.  If we look at the trends of China and South Korea that are 4 - 6 weeks ahead of North America we can certainly see that this can and will be overcome by following the guidance of our governments and the World Health Organization.

We are closely monitoring the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization’s statements regarding the novel form of coronavirus (COVID-19) and following guidelines from these agencies and other local and state governmental agencies.

Cancellation Policy 

  • All reservations that are scheduled for arrival up to May 20th, 2020, can be changed or cancelled at no charge.  This will cover any reservation within the next 7 weeks.
  • Any reservations scheduled for arrival after May 20th, 2020 will still be subject to the normal cancellation policy for the time being. (see below for normal cancellation policy)  We will re-evaluate this policy on April 15th and will adjust as needed based information at that time.  With many reservations still 4 or more months away it is safe to say we have time to still experience a summer that we will all deserve to enjoy.  We will respond in an ethical and socially responsible manner in regards to deposits and reservations and will adjust as needed based on information at that time.

If you have any questions about an upcoming reservation, please contact the resort directly here: Contact Us   We appreciate your patience as we work continuously to support all guests and residents during this time.

Updated March 18, 2020 


Normal Cancellation Policy

(currently applies to any reservation scheduled to arrive after May 20th, 2020)  We will re-evaluate this on April 15th and make adjustments if necessary.


  • Cancellations or date changes must be received 10 days or more prior to arrival.  Any cancellations or date changes 9 days or less prior to arrival will forfeit their deposit.  A $25 cancellation fee does apply to all cancellations regardless of date cancelled.

RESERVATIONS MADE During the 2019 Season for the 2020 Season

  • + 30 days before the date of arrival = cancellation fee equivalent to one night- 30 days before the date of arrival = $ 200 cancellation fee No Refunds for Early Departures.A MINIMUM OF ONE WEEK MUST BE HONORED FOR RESERVATIONS MADE 1 YEAR IN ADVANCE – NO EXCEPTIONS –